Is it time for a new site? 

Got an outdated website?

Whether your current site is outdated and needs a new look or you have no website at all, let Suzo Media create a unique solution to your online needs.  Having a professionally designed and developed website can be beneficial in many ways.  Start with a clear understanding of why you need a new web site.

  • Increase sales
  • Promote your brand
  • Provide awareness to a cause or an event
  • Showcase your creative talents

 Working with a small budget?

As small business owners, artists and non -profit organizations, we don’t often have a large budget dedicated to our online presence?  Suzo Media is the web development solution for the rest of us!

Are you looking to create an online store to sell your goods and services?  No problem, Suzo Media can create an eCommerce site that will be tailored to your needs and your brand.

Perhaps you need a small site to bring awareness to a cause or event.  Suzo Media can create a site to provide event information as well as enable ticket sales.

So don’t bother with the big agencies that will charge you for services you may not need, or worse, try to convince you that you need them.  Suzo Media is the perfect partner for the small business owner with a tight budget.  We won’t sell you stuff you don’t need or over charge you to cover our expensive office space.

We are a small business helping other small businesses achieve their dreams.


Free 1 Hour Consultation

Let’s chat about your goals for your website.  What are you hoping to accomplish and what is your vision to reach it?

Design & Development

We work closely with you to deliver a custom tailored website that reflects your brand and fits your specific needs.

Domain Name and Hosting Solutions

Don’t have a current website or a domain name?  No problem!  Suzo Media loves helping brand new businesses create their first online presence.  We can help you procure a domain name as well as assist you in selecting appropriate hosting solutions suitable for your needs and budget.

Web Master Services

Once your new website is launched, don’t forget to nurture it!  An effective website is  constantly evolving allowing your customers to rely on  it the latest and greatest news or products that you are offering.  Let Suzo Media handle the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of your cool new site so that you can focus on your building your business.